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When it comes to portable stage systems, elevators, hallways, walkways and ramps, Comparestaging™ is UK renowned price comparison engine for hiring or buying products of the highest quality, most innovative modular for a scenario in the market today. A pioneer in the design of modular assembly, Comparestaging continues to lead the market with innovative products and a wide range of products. We invite you to join our family of satisfied customers worldwide, including companies included in the list of 500 most successful companies in the UK, universities, schools, NGOs, churches, luxury hotels, resorts, military organizations and much more. We take pride in selling quality products that offer a valuable service and quality for our distinguished guests.


Modular, versatile and efficient

Scenarios Comparestaging™ are fully modular and adaptable platforms. Other components are available in kits for pre-packaged scenarios or individually so that the customers can create a scenario tailored (at different heights, shapes, and sizes) to meet their needs.

Even an exclusive software was created Stage Builder, which allows the customers to design their scenario easily and instantly online. Best of all is that as your required change can keep helping.

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The beauty of Comparestaging products is that it is completely modular since you can customize the height, shape or size of your stage when required. For example, to make several designs, it is necessary to include new elements to your current scenario. Also offer a broad range of accessories like skirts, storage and transportation systems, stage curtains, elevators, multi levels, guardrails, ramps, stairs and more of different well-known brands.


Easy Assembly And Compact Storage offers the best option in the market today. Comparestaging stage platforms and elevators are so lightweight and compact that a scenario can be quickly installed in minutes by one person! When the time comes to dismantle, you will find that the removal and storage of your scenario is equally simple.

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