What Darwin Said About Diesel Performance

There is no engine other than the diesel that has illustrated the Darwin theory any better. I can say with conviction if Darwin himself were alive, he would be driving a diesel vehicle.

ECM Tuner Kits: The diesel engines were once known as “slow and smelly” vehicles on the road. Engine makers, as well as several performance companies, have set out on a mission to put an end to that reputation. By the addition of turbo and inter cooler chips/modules and exhaust systems, the reputation of diesel engines are now evolving. Darwin would be so proud of it.

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Why diesel performance..?

Which “species” is more dominant, gas performance, or diesel performance, when it came to performance? I am here to say that when it comes to performance products for diesel engines, there is more horsepower available for the money, but you will have longer engine life. You can add engine mods to your diesel engine, and it’s not going to harm the engine or   burn it to the extent of damaging the engine perpetually. I don’t mean that you can still fry your engine, but diesel engines are much more durable. Diesel engines combust in a different way than gas engines mainly because of the type of fuel that is used. In gas engines, a spark plug burn the fuel while in case of diesel engine combustion is caused by the temperature of the compressed air. Diesel engine is more durable because it has very high compression ratios compared to a gasoline engine. Compression ratios of a diesel engine are (20:1) vs. 8:1 for a gasoline engine.

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Diesel engines are being built to withstand the very high compression that makes these engines super ready to withstand the boost from performance modifications.

Agree or not diesel performance is here to stay, and whether or not you believe in evolution it’s all happening here. So, don’t surprise when you see old Darwin himself roll past you in his tweaked out diesel.

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